Awsome Toy 555 , photo courtesy of Dan Kirkman 7.03 seconds / 157 mph & IHBA 7.15 / 159 mph

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 Reader Rides > 1976 Baja

 I'm a project kind of guy so I looked for a good platform that was a driver while I worked on it. After a long search we found what we needed 300 miles away in Black Creek, Wisconsin. It's a '76 Baja 18-jet.

The engine is a fresh .030 over 455 with a Berkeley JF pump. All of the running gear was pretty fresh when we bought it (under 10 hours). Since then we've recleared the deck, made our own windshield, had a new custom cover done, re-rigged the trailer, and repaired the last 30 years of neglect. It's amazing how little some people care about their toys. She's
coming around nicely.


Some of the other ideas in sight are an all aluminum swim platform, backup electric cooling system, fire system, air-ride buckets, all new wiring, dash, and a change over to a split bowl pump with modifications. I have more ideas rolling around in my head than my checking account has funds. So she'll be going for a while.

Thanks for all the ideas and I'll be giving you guys a ring when it comes time for the pump. Thanks for helping keep vintage jetboats in the public eye.

-Mike Lannan

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