Awsome Toy 555 , photo courtesy of Dan Kirkman 7.03 seconds / 157 mph & IHBA 7.15 / 159 mph

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Parts > Droop Snoots and Nozzle Extention Housings


By leveraging the bow out of the water and creating lift these help decrease wetted surface under the hull at speed.  Less wetted surface equates to less friction, which will generally yield a top speed increase. Droop Snoots are are generally reserved for smaller lighter hulls under 20. 

Dominator style Droop Snoot also Fits Berkeley manufactured by American Turbine.  One full inch Drop, 7.5 Degree up angle



Place Diverter brand Droop. 1.5 inch drop with 8 Degree up angle, allows the addition of a bolt up Ride Plate (No Machining of the intake required for installatioon of ride plate)



Place Diverter "High Performance Housing" (Mini Droop), 1/2 inch drop 3.5 Degree up angle

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