Awsome Toy 555 , photo courtesy of Dan Kirkman 7.03 seconds / 157 mph & IHBA 7.15 / 159 mph

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My 23 year old Son, and buddy, Josh has been "puttering" with little mechanical things since he could walk.  He fell in love with this 16' Bezer in 2001 when my Allusion tunnel bare hull was shipped to us atop it.  This boat was an experiment for the folks at Aggressor, used in R & D for their junior pump program with small horse power.  Josh built a full grown custom pump and 450 HP SBC with Dart Pro 1 heads,  Edelbrock tunnel ram, matched Holley 600's, Mallory and MSD, Summit roller rockers, and Comp Cams "short track" flat tappet cam.    The SBC was replaced in the summer of 2002 by a 550 HP 351 Windsor with 408 CID, Scat 9000 lower end, Edelbrock Victor Junior aluminum heads, topped with a Victor Junior manifold and a Holley 950 HP series carburetor.  The boat runs  77  MPH on GPS.  After much pump finessing, he's running a Billet "A" Dominator style impellor, an Aggressor 9 vane bowl,  Droop Snoot, and a race modified Place Diverter.  Also he recently designed and added a custom built "up pedal" assembly and control for hands free operation of Place Diverter(pics coming soon).   The approximate 1000 lb. package leaves so hard your eye balls want to change sockets (goggles required).  I'm a proud Dad.




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