Awsome Toy 555 , photo courtesy of Dan Kirkman 7.03 seconds / 157 mph & IHBA 7.15 / 159 mph

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This is customer Paul's beautiful day cruiser.  We are proud to display his accompanying letter below.  Thanks Paul.

Hi Tom,

To answer your questions, YES! I would gladly display your window sticker and would be honored to be added to your "reader rides". My truck is silver in color so pretty much any color would work sans pink or something.

I have not yet met anyone with a jet boat but have met several people with V drives and when we get to talking, Tom Manier and Jet boat performance is brought up in conversation. I tell them how helpful you were and how there was no question I asked that you could not answer. I give them your web address and encourage them to pay you a visit. I think word of mouth is some of the best advertisement. I also believe that if a business treats me in a courteous, professional manner that I owe it to them to encourage others to check out the business. It's the least I can do to show my appreciation.

                                        Take care Tom,

Jet Boat Performance
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