Awsome Toy 555 , photo courtesy of Dan Kirkman 7.03 seconds / 157 mph & IHBA 7.15 / 159 mph

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 JBP Testimonials 1.0  

Below are our original Testimonials and Thank you notes ,They are real feedback from real customers , gleened from emails, post's and personal messages...

To our esteemed and valued customers ,without you we would not have a business! Thanks you ! JBP staff and managemnet

(Also see the testimonial links at the bottom of this page)  

5/27/08 Tom,
It worked out great. No porposing what so ever, and I get a much higher 
roost!:D I couldn't be happier. I am definately going to keep you in mind 
when i tear apart the pump. Thanks again for the great service.


4/09 Tom, thank you so much. The cable is on the boat with 48 hrs to spare and the shipping was cheaper than you thought. This is my 2nd purchase with you. You will be my first call on my next need, and Im going this weekend, so you should hear from me Monday! (I hope not, but if so..........) Anyway, Thank you. Terry

3/09 Boat ran strong Pop's is way happy and that carb is on the money... Josh is a Holley god!!!!
Since i have the exact same set up on my boat i also went back to a bottom mount starter..
 But o'well you never learn till you f-up
 Thanks again.. Steve  

Default Tom You The Man!

I flushed the system out and it didnt do anything.So, I called Tom at Jet Boat Perormence and even though he was in the middle of installing a motor for a customer he had me going within 5min. Thanks tom! Thanks to all that responded to this thred as well.Any time I need help or have a question you guys pull throug. Thats what makes PB what it is. (Great boaters)"Junkyard"



Tom     I want to thank you and Josh again for all your help.And taking time out to try and find those motor mounts.I know in business you always hear of the problems but very rarely do you hear job well done.As I was saying this weekend I met up with some other jet boat guys and mentioned I had placed an order with you.They  have all delt with you and speak highly of your business.From now on I will consider you my only source for parts in the future.Also I will spred the word.Keep up the great work.Thanks     John Marshall      

Texas Regarding the JBP diode kit , Yes it did!  Awesome kit Tom!!!
Frank 2/09
Thank You for the comfort of knowing that my naivety is in good hands and that learning more about my Jet Boat will be a great experience. We spoke about my steering cable for a 1973 Kona with a 455 Olds. You knew exactly what I needed. Cant wait to put it all together. Please send me any information that may be helpful in the future. Thank You, Michael  2/09 
 12/17/08 RE the Bowl: thanks for your rapid response, i will get back with you after the holidays, i watch these boards and am amazed by your timely service and responses, almost forgot ,to you and yours a very merry christmas. Johnny 

I wish you guys were in CO . I would take it to you.

I want this to be ready to go this summer. by the way the carb works great for the first time fire up.


Michael Weber

 If you guys are really serious, I spent several weeks calling around and found the best deal, and by far the best service from Tom at Jet Boat Performance

Again, not only did he have the best price (delivered to me in Louisiana at my doorstep), he helped when I ran into snags.
Anyone can sell a damn part, but will they help when run into a problem - not very often.

My two cents worth.

Just a note of thanks to you and your family for all of the help with the installation of the impeller in my Dominator jet pump. It is refreshing to do business with someone that cares, and truly knows the meaning of customer service. You were able to exceed any my expectations
Just to to let you know that my boat performed as you indicated it would. The installation of the new "AA" impeller was easily completed at my home just as you said it would. Our daily phone question and answere sessions were truly professional, your patience with all of my questions was greatly appreciated.
I now know where I can get straight answeres and the best prices around.

Bob Mason
"The home impeller guy"


Thanks for all the ideas and I'll be giving you guys a ring when it comes
time for the pump. Thanks for helping keep vintage jetboats in the public

-Mike Lannan

Sorry, you probably don't even remember me from 3 months ago. I actually found out that my boat is a 1976 Hawaiian! I used the MIC (Manufacturer Identification Code) database on the Coast Guard Website, using the first three letters of my HIN (Hull Identification Number). Thanks for being willing to help!

Thank you Nathan Longhurst

 Hello I have a 19' jet boat with a chev. 502 and I keep seeing these ski cleat setups that bolt to the engines. Where do I buy one of these things? Thank you. PS. thanks for your help rebuilding my pump this summer. Andrew Bailey


hi tom, rhonda & josh

just got back from blyth cinco demayo river run with all my friends and boat ran great. check out my friends 78 eliminator with a big block chevy behind my 79 miller....i shot a 65 mph on the gps and his was in the 90 mph . so get ready for me at the end of the season after riding in his boat i know i want to bump it up! ....dam straight !
the divert was awsome and the msg kicks but, gauges got alot of attention from the lookylews and the new jet rebuild was the way to go!

thanks your new crew member,
scott atkisson
redondo bch cal

 Tom, Rhonda & Crew

I just wanted to take a moment & thank you. For the parts & especially the help over the phone. This was my first pump rebuild. It turned out pretty darn good. I freshened up the 455 as well. The performance is unbelievable. I will GPS it next weekend & let you know.
We were sitting in a cove yesterday & heard someone blast by out in the main part of the lake, we cruised out just to see what it was.
There was a real nice place craft with a tunnel ram OTC headers etc. running around. We got up next to him to see how long we could hang with him. Every time he pushed harder we matched him. Ran out of lake, stopped to chat with him, he was amazed that we hung with him . His speedo was reading 70 ish just before we stopped. That is pretty screaming performance for my Taylor SS. I don't know how accurate his speedo was but will find out this weekend. Thanks for all your help!!

Mike Rooney
Parts Sales
R.T.C. Dallas Peterbilt
(972) 445-9101

I have an older 1976 Challenger jet boat (see pic.) and may need to replace both of the installed 10 gallon gas tanks on each side. Do sell these either new or used? Thanks for your help.

PS – I bought a manifold ski harness from you last month and it looks great and came extremely fast.

Mike Wolff

Huntington Beach, CA

Tom, Thanks alot for taking the time to talk to me on Fri. I feel like my Jet Boat restoration "anxiety" level just dropped a few notches Knowing there are good people like yourself who's knowledgible and willing to help out a "novice". I'll be getting back to you soon.

P.S. I checked out the

Laidback Boaters site....

Very cool!

Thanks, John De Lay

Hungry Horse, Mt.

Whats up my name is Joe, I just bought a 1977 (20.5)witchcraft with a panther jet...(first Boat, "only 21")Im a member of hot boat as well, but this site has more panther jet info!!!thank you tom @jet boat performance for all the info you helped me guys rock!

 My name is chad, this is a great site, was recommended, by Tom The Great over at JBP, he has done all the work on my 81 miller since I have owned it, He is the best there is in my book! hats off to him and all the JBP family, keep up the good stuff LBBA.

boat on!!!!chad

ok Thanks to Tom at jetboat performance..... this will be here some time next week, including cable, rack, transolm tube, and stearing extension

let me tell you folks, Tom is an outstanding member here on THB, if he doesn't have it he will find it!!!!!!!!!!!!! YTM T

Join Date: Oct 2006

Location: redondo beach

Posts: 26

Tom at jetboatperformance hooked up my old miller with a blueprinted jet ,diverter ,msd, billet dist,new 750 holley, new gauges ,shifter and much more last year and i can say that my boat ran flawless and the money went a long way.
this is a solid reference

Hello Tom, boat ran great last week and Im going back out this week to break her in.


Brad Storms

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2007 9:35 am

Post subject:

"Damn" Now that is just plain ass purdy, great job from JBP, You guys rock, Captains gonna have to learn how to drive a new boat. Steve
Because Football, Baseball, Golf, & Tennis
Only require one ball !!!!!

Tom -

I am impressed with your dedication to your customers and your
willingness to always help. Not many people conduct business like you
now a days and a lot of businesses lose out because of it. You just
earned a customer for life.

Thanks Pete Schuweiler


I just received the parts you sent. I wanted to thank you for your fast and second to none customer service.
Thanks again.....


Hello Tom;

Just something funny and to show how tight nit the Jet Boat community is. The gentleman I am buying the Rewarders from knows you, and has spoken to you about doing a Panther to AT conversion, or energizer kit. He too is another satisfied customer of yours. Just thought I would let you know. Have a good day, and I hope enjoy the weekend.

Brian ,Tahiti Tiger

 Excelent shipping packaging item was nicer than discribed Quickest del. ever 24 hrs WOW

From Performance boats forums Boards threads : theses are a great  tribute to us from loyal satisfied customers and friends of JBP.











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