Awsome Toy 555 , photo courtesy of Dan Kirkman 7.03 seconds / 157 mph & IHBA 7.15 / 159 mph

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Buy @ JBP 

Buy @ JBP is a feature we Now have available. We will offer a select amount of parts for online purchase and check out through one of our satalite sites. 

Unfortunatly with hundreds of manufacturers producing boats over the last 40+ years, some with extremely limited production numbers and no standard for rigging, engines or drives, there are no make specific owners manuals to look at for replacement parts.  The parts available at Buy@JBP will be more universal parts: i.e. gaskets, flappers, switches....

For the more specific replacement parts or upgrades needed please call us at 805-466-4719, we will be more than happy to help identified the replacement parts of upgrades necessary to complete you project correctly.  We'll also go one step further and coach you on the installation of you new parts if necessary.

Jet Boat Performance
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