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We thoroughly enjoy talking to our customers, providing information, taking orders and making certain you get the right part the first time around.

We also provide unmatched Tech help and “coaching”. This is Straight talk from folks that not only sell these parts but work on these boats and components daily. Call 7 days a week, we answer phones from 8AM to 6PM Pacific Standard time. If you get a message be assured we will call you back shortly!

Important! please read this entire page regarding ordering, returns and Warranties Prior to making any order!

By ordering from Jet Boat Performance you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth on this page

*Please read these guidelines carefully and call (805)466-4719 or email jetboatinfo@gmail.com if you have questions or concerns regarding purchases or transactions or JBP policies and procedures.

How To Order JBP policies and procedures


Ordering Information and payment Terms: We encourage you to order by telephone. Please call at (805)466-4719. If we are unavailable, we will happily return your call if you leave a number. Our shop hours are M-F 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST. Please have your selections or questions written down. By using this method, we will be able to help you in the fastest and most efficient way possible. We will need your name, address, shipping address and phone number. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


Freight: Most orders will be shipped UPS or best method unless specified otherwise by customer. Special shipping requirements are likely to delay shipment of your order. Any claims for shortage of product must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of shipment for any adjustment to be considered. Shipment damage claims must be made directly with the freight carrier. DO NOT RETURN DAMAGED PRODUCTS TO JET BOAT PERFORMANCE – SUCH SHIPMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Refused shipments: Shipments returned to Jet Boat Performance marked refused, or not in when driver called, will cause the refusing customer’s buying status to be frozen. No more shipments will be possible until all freight, C.O.D., and handling charges are paid in full. Refusal of a shipment does not relieve the customer of liability for paying these charges. Repeated returned shipments of this type will cause the customer’s buying status to be permanently revoked.

Returns & Cancellations

Returns, orders and order cancellations: There will be no returns of parts, accessories, components or assemblies without a negotiated RGA (return goods authorization) this means an agreed upon dialog negotiation between you and us.. Special order parts and assemblies are NOT returnable or cancellable, Specialty and custom builds such as JBP Marine Engines, Jet drive and drive component custom builds, Fiberglass seats, Jet drive, V-drive and outdrive rebuilds, Jet drive modification , specialty machined castings are NOT cancellable or returnable once in process, under any circumstances as the machining or manufacturing may then preclude return to its original use/design or condition. (The only exception for these units may be for warranty repairs or repair consideration inspection. Please see JBP warranties and guarantees, mail or email to negotiate this process). RGA’s must if assigned be plainly visible on the outside of the return package. Do no ship returns without obtaining this number. Special ordered and electrical parts are not returnable. A 25% restocking charge may apply to all approved and negotiated returns other than failed or defective products. Jet drive and engine Cores, note core charges may apply as well here* ,JBP special, custom built jets ,modified jet drives , jet drive conversions , machined intakes and marine engines in most circumstances require your provided cores be shipped to us at your expense to be built or rebuilt or exchanged (at our option) unless prior arranged ,we reserve the right to repair as necessary (machine, pin, weld, etc.) your provided core and or exchange your core for a equal better or more suitable core , Note! your cores can conceivably be damaged as a direct result of our disassembly due to inherent presence of rust, corrosion and or seized/ broken fasteners etc , we JBP will not accept responsibility for a core damaged from disassembly or inbound shipping, engine and jet drive cores will not be returned if swapped or switched in our build process unless otherwise arranged. No returns after 30 days whatsoever. Approved refunds may take 90 days to process. By purchasing and or contracting work with us you agree that ANY Dispute (including credit card disputes) whatsoever arising from any purchase or repair from Jet Boat Performance will be venued in San Luis Obispo County Municipal Court, State of California. When you purchase or order from JBP by phone or our internet web sites or via email you automatically agree to these terms and conditions. Credit and/or debit card disputes and inquiry’s must be negotiated with JBP via your bank and our credit card processor. *core charges may apply with broken damaged or cores unsuitable for repair or exchanges

Parts that are not in new condition and parts where the containers are dirty or damaged, are not returnable. Parts returned in the above condition will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense. No credit will be given. It is the customer’s responsibility to package all returns adequately to avoid damage in shipment. Products damaged in return shipments from inadequate packaging will be returned to the customer at the customer expense. No exceptions! Disputes arising from any purchase will be venued in San Luis Obispo County Municipal Court, State of California.


Prices: All prices are subject to change without any verbal or written notice. If a product has a significant change in price we will do our best to notify our customer prior to shipping. JBP will match any legitimate advertised competitor’s price (at our discretion and with prior to purchase agreement). All Listed Pricing and Price Quotes are given as US Dollars.


Jet Boat Performance Warranty for Engines, Jet Drives, parts and accessories :PLEASE the following READ CAREFULLY as well as below ** . Due to the wide variety of products we distribute and offer, parts and component warranties may vary by their individual manufacturer (unless otherwise expressly specified in writing). Our JBP** rebuilt engines and rebuilt Jet Drive assemblies come with a 90 calendar day parts and labor warranty/guaranty for our workmanship as well as parts and material defects. “Prescribed time allotment 30, 60, 90 days, etc.” begins from when the first purchaser/customer receives the parts, components or assembly, no exceptions. If agreed to by us, the parts, components or “Assembly” must be returned to us at the customers expense (with RGA). We will not be responsible for damage or failures due to “acts of god”, ingestion of debris, misuse, abuse, racing, over-rev, lack of lubrication, damage furthered by negligence or continued operation after the onset of operator recognized failure (noises, poor operation, performance issues, etc.) or ANY modification after our production. We also will not provide or be responsible for substitute transportation, down time, missed events or engagements, towing, service calls or “River rescue” or labor charges to remove or replace parts assemblies or components or make diagnosis under ANY circumstances . (Returns can ONLY be made with prior authorized RGA*). Assemblies and parts must be returned Un-disassembled from their original “state” for our technical inspection evaluation. Under some circumstances we may require an onsite technical inspection, including (but not limited to) a complete photographic and documentation report by a qualified warranty inspector of our choosing PRIOR to any warranty or policy “adjustment”, removal (R&R***). Packaging and shipping will be at the customer’s expense (unless otherwise arranged). Parts, components or assemblies sent without our express authorization may be refused! We (JBP**) reserve the right to and “whether to” rebuild, repair or replace said unit or assembly, parts or individual components with “like kind and quality” at our discretion. Parts, assemblies or components rejected will be discarded unless previously arranged and agreed upon. Absolutely NO refunds made or considered on Assemblies that have been installed, operated or modified. When you order you agree to these terms and conditions which can be clearly reviewed 24-7, 365 prior to purchase and should be reviewed prior to same. It is agreed that ANY Dispute or legal action whatsoever, under all circumstances resulting from ANY disagreement or claim that cannot be amicably resolved by both parties (us and you) will be “Venued” in San Luis Obispo County Municipal Court, State of California. By purchasing parts, components or assemblies from us, you accept and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

NOTE!! The use of parts, sold or manufactured by Jet Boat Performance or Aggressor Jet Drives, in Salt or Brackish water is strictly prohibited. Damage/s as result of use or operation in Salt or Brackish Water will not be covered or considered under any circumstance.

NOTE!! Any Part, Component, Jet Drive assembly or Engine that has been “changed” or modified from the state or condition in which we originally produced/assembled it will not be covered or considered.

* an “RGA” is a specific Return goods authorization issued by us before return of any item and must be issued and approved by us PRIOR to that item being returned. We require written communication, documentation and photos prior to RGA. **Jet boat Performance and jetboatperformance.com/.biz *** “R&R” means removal and reinstallation, “Assembly” means Engine short or long blocks and rebuilt or custom built jet drives (exchange or otherwise).* Regarding warranties guarantees and repairs & disputes, the most important first step to any type of dispute resolution is communication and dialogue. We are always open to discussion. “Our doors” are open 7 days a week. We are infinitely reachable by the phone and fax numbers and emails listed in the “contact sections” of our web sites. If you have a claim or issue please support it with photos and as much information as you can provide we will always communicate by phone however ultimately we will require the same information in writing. Please give us the opportunity to help, where we are able, we promise to do our best.

Internet or public “Bashing”, slander , liable or defamation ,embarrassment are no way to resolve issues such as above , these tactics will not be tolerated will very likely cease or diminish possible productive negotiation ,dialogue and /or attempts at resolution These actions will also be vigorously defended.

** All invoices are due and payable upon the date of the invoice noted above. Jet Boat Performance at their option may sell or dispose of engines , Jet drives and other parts/assemblies 30 days after notification of completion unless payments or payment arrangements are otherwise arranged and agreed to .If payment is not received in full by Jet Boat Performance (“JBP”), within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice, then Customer shall pay JBP interest at the rate of one and a half percent (1.5%) per month until the full amount of the invoice is paid or the highest rate allowed by law whichever is less. Customer further agrees that by receiving this invoice and asking JBP to provide it with any goods and/or services; Customer is agreeing to all the terms noted herein for any and all services and/or goods that JBP has, is, and/or will perform or provide for Customer at any time. Furthermore, if JBP is required to take any action, including but not limited to, retaining an attorney or filing a lawsuit to collect payment of any invoice, Customer shall pay to JBP all reasonable expenses JBP may incur including but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs and expert witness fees. Customer further agrees that this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California and that the exclusive venue for any litigation arising under this Agreement and/or any interactions between the parties shall be the Superior Court of the State of California in and for the County of San Luis Obispo. Customer(s) agrees that even if it is a business entity, he/she, and all of its shareholders, officers, directors, partners, managers, and/or members are personally a party to this Agreement.

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Repairs and Restorations

Engine, Jet Drive Repairs or restorations performed at Jet Boat Performance are strictly cash unless otherwise arranged. PLEASE REVIEW WARRANTIES ABOVE. Neither JBP nor its employees offer or participate in “wet tests” or “sea trials”.