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JBP stocks a huge inventory of cables in different configurations and lengths, we can also assist in determining the proper size for your application.

JBP Cables, Accessories, Seals Pricing and Availability

Please call for current pricing and fitment verification. We don't want to sell you something that won't fit your boat properly!

33c Series Cable 10-32 threads, commonly used as throttle cables, and as reverse bucket cables on OEM Jacuzzi nozzles. Some Early style nozzle used on Berkeley JA and JB model pumps also use a 33C.

43BC Series Cable 1/4-20 threaded ends. 43BC's are commonly used on Berkeley JC/G, Dominator, American Turbine, Legend, Aggressor reverse buckets and for Place Diverter Control Cables. Also used on Jetovator w/electric trim control box's.

43C Series Cable 1/4-20 threaded ends. 43C's are commonly used on Berkeley E/F model Reverse Bucket Cable. and on Jet-o-vator when used with manual control.

Teleflex Complete Steering rack and cable system Fits/retrofits into most Jets. Due to the larger number of manufacturers of Steering cables/systems through out the years, replacement of just the cable itself isn't typically an option. We sell the entire rack and cable system for an afordable price.

Quick disconnect for 33 series cables Typically used for the connection on carburetors and can also be used on foot throttles.

Quick release throttle clip for 33 series cables Typically mounts to throttle plate.

Cable clamp/hold down anchor for 33 and 43 series cables.

Cable Pivots Commonly used on the control end of the cable, for 33 and 43 series cable fits into 1/4" hole.

Spherical Rod Ends (Hiem Joints) Used to connect control cables on Place Diverters. Also used to upgrade standard cable pivots used with control handles. available in 1/4"-28 or 10-32 threads, w/ 1/4" eye.

Note: Add approximately 1" to the anchor point during installation when upgrading from standard cable pivot

SS Place Diverter style transom mount cable seal kit For 43 series cables.

JBP Positive Seal Cable Seal Available in :

  • Berkeley transom adapter threads
  • Bulk head style
  • Available in Polished only

Berkeley E/F series pump Cable Bellows. E pumps use 2, F pumps use 3.3C.