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Rick Omlor


The new cable/rack/bellows arrived yesterday, installed them this am. All is great, steering is 1000% better, way safer too.

I wasn't quite sure the 17 footer was right, but that gave the best fit on my 1974 Taylor SJ, Olds powered.

Sure am glad I didn't get in a hurry and cut off the old steering tube!

Thanks again.

Robert Farlow


I can't tell smooth the engine is...we travel 7hrs to Shasta, the closest nice lake we have for our kind of boat. It was awesome, just awesome, smooth, responsive, we can't thank you enough!

It is sweet.......We have 4 hrs on it now, in 4 days, and ran no higher than 3200rpm.

Thanks again


Thanks again tom and Josh, u guys rock and know ur stuff!

Tom was very friendly, helpful and a database full of knowledge. Josh definitely got me dialed in pretty good for what he was working with. I got the boat in the condition it was in, been a disappointment from beginning. After Tom and Josh helped me out, I'm not disappointed anymore. I'm confident I got a decent boat, just need to do some extra work and will have it right back to performance this winter to get it completely fixed right.

Anyone who hasn't dealt with Tom at performance, or doesn't know him, I advise u take your boat issues to him. He definitely doesn't bait a customer to get his work. He earns it with trust and honesty. He will always get mine just for being the man he is and the service he provides. Thanks everyone who helped with advice and all. Once again, thanks Josh and Tom for taking on my project and helping me out.

I took it to Ming lake for couple hours, it ran good, and it had alot more power, but i felt it wasn't enough that it should have. It did have alot more than before. After few laps around the lake and gettin on it, it all of a sudden opened up new can of whoop azz. It definitely sucks ya back and and has some awesome power. I think that mystery oil in the gas sealed the pistons like u said Tom, i had it floored for few laps, let it cool off, took it for couple more, ran great and all of sudden felt like a power band kicked in, definitely runs awesome now.

Tom and josh definitely hooked me up tight. I definitely will be taking it to them this winter and seeing about having them get me better heads, and anything else I need and see what I can do to make it scare me, I'm a speed nut and I don't get excited till my pants are wet! lol. Thanks again Tom and Josh for all ya did, and thanks too all others for trying to help, u all rock. Hope to be out meeting some of ya soon. My new investment was definitely worth it now. Gonna be out Buena Vista this weekend. If anyone goes hit me up. I'm gonna play with this boat for bit and save up for something that really scares me. Maybe something like a blown gas jet or something. Wish I had the money for that boat Tom has in his shop. Might have to hit the casino again, boats are better free! lol

Ted Connor
Tom and Josh: Thanks so much for all the help with my place diverter and the pump rebuild kit. Tom you helped me rebuild my first pump and got it perfect. Your technical assistance was invaluable. All the best, Ted. A. Connor, Esq.

I was trying to get some speed out of my Panther as well, and to tell ya the truth Tom at Jet Boat Performance seemed to know more about the pump than panther!

And at half the cost of dealing with Panther, he is the only guy I would recommend you talking to about your pump.

He is always there to help he even does not mind if you call him on his cell phone when you are out on the water to let him know what's up.

I would suggest give him a call.


Well, what a great testing trip!!

Boat is 100% improved after Tom and Josh reset the intake and added shoe and plate.

With the same basic engine the boat ran 70 MPH with stock jet and no plate or shoe.

After having the intake screwed up last year by some one else, the boat never saw 55 MPH with out cavitating and eventually pulled the intake loose.

With the new intake set (as this thread shows) The boat did 86 MPH today on the GPS speedo!! I installed a trim gauge and it is a good thing because there is NO looking back or guessing. This thing is downright BAD ASS!

Leaving with trim down, as soon as you floor it start trimming up and within seconds it is over 60 MPH and pulling hard. It went by 70 without even a thought of laying over and only after tagging 80 did I notice it not pulling QUITE so hard. I let off at 85-86 MPH, but it was actually still accelerating some. RPM around 5800 or so. Tach needle is bouncing a little.
Shut down is SLIGHTLY abrupt, but by no mean jarring or violent. You damned sure want the wheel straight while accelerating or shutting down though!

Thanks again Tom and Josh, this thing is FINALLY performing the way I always knew it should!


It worked out great. No porposing what so ever, and I get a much higher roost! ūüėÄ

I couldn't be happier. I am definitely going to keep you in mind when I tear apart the pump.

Thanks again for the great service.


Boat ran strong Pop's is way happy and that carb is on the money... Josh is a Holley god!!!!

Since i have the exact same set up on my boat I also went back to a bottom mount starter...But o'well you never learn till you f-up!

Thanks again.


I flushed the system out and it didn't do anything. So, I called Tom at Jet Boat Performance and even though he was in the middle of installing a motor for a customer he had me going within 5min. Thanks tom!

Thanks to all that responded to this thread as well. Any time I need help or have a question you guys pull through.

John Marshall


I want to thank you and Josh again for all your help. And taking time out to try and find those motor mounts. I know in business you always hear of the problems but very rarely do you hear job well done. As I was saying this weekend I met up with some other jet boat guys and mentioned I had placed an order with you. They have all dealt with you and speak highly of your business. From now on I will consider you my only source for parts in the future. Also I will spread the word. Keep up the great work.




Thank You for the comfort of knowing that my naivety is in good hands and that learning more about my Jet Boat will be a great experience. We spoke about my steering cable for a 1973 Kona with a 455 Olds. You knew exactly what I needed. Cant wait to put it all together. Please send me any information that may be helpful in the future.

Thank You!

Mark from Superior WI

I can't tell you how thankful I am for your help Tom.

You are a Blessing.

Bob Mason
Tom, Just a note of thanks to you and your family for all of the help with the installation of the impeller in my Dominator jet pump. It is refreshing to do business with someone that cares, and truly knows the meaning of customer service. You were able to exceed any my expectations. Just to to let you know that my boat performed as you indicated it would. The installation of the new "AA" impeller was easily completed at my home just as you said it would. Our daily phone question and answer sessions were truly professional, your patience with all of my questions was greatly appreciated. I now know where I can get straight answers and the best prices around.
Mike Lannan 

Thanks for all the ideas and I'll be giving you guys a ring when it comes time for the pump.

Thanks for helping keep vintage jetboats in the public eye.

Nathan Longhurst

Sorry, you probably don't even remember me from 3 months ago. I actually found out that my boat is a 1976 Hawaiian! I used the MIC (Manufacturer Identification Code) database on the Coast Guard Website, using the first three letters of my HIN (Hull Identification Number).

Thanks for being willing to help!

Thank you.

Scott Atkisson
Hi Tom, Rhonda & Josh just got back from Blyth Cinco DeMaio river run with all my friends and boat ran great. check out my friends 78 eliminator with a big block Chevy behind my 79 miller....i shot a 65 mph on the gps and his was in the 90 mph. So get ready for me at the end of the season after riding in his boat i know i want to bump it up! ....dam straight ! the divert was awesome and the msg kicks but, gauges got a lot of attention from the lookylews and the new jet rebuild was the way to go! thanks your new crew member!
Mike Rooney

Tom, Rhonda & Crew

I just wanted to take a moment & thank you. For the parts & especially the help over the phone. This was my first pump rebuild. It turned out pretty darn good.

I freshened up the 455 as well. The performance is unbelievable. I will GPS it next weekend & let you know.

We were sitting in a cove yesterday & heard someone blast by out in the main part of the lake, we cruised out just to see what it was.

There was a real nice place craft with a tunnel ram OTC headers etc. running around. We got up next to him to see how long we could hang with him. Every time he pushed harder we matched him. Ran out of lake, stopped to chat with him, he was amazed that we hung with him . His speedo was reading 70 ish just before we stopped. That is pretty screaming performance for my Taylor SS. I don't know how accurate his speedo was but will find out this weekend.

Thanks for all your help!!

John De Lay

Tom, Thanks a lot for taking the time to talk to me on Fri. I feel like my Jet Boat restoration "anxiety" level just dropped a few notches Knowing there are good people like yourself who's knowledgeable and willing to help out a "novice". I'll be getting back to you soon.

P.S. I checked out the Laidback Boaters site....

Very cool!

Pete Schuweiler 

Tom -

I am impressed with your dedication to your customers and your willingness to always help. Not many people conduct business like you now a days and a lot of businesses lose out because of it.

You just earned a customer for life.